Excursion to Lakones

Excursion to Lakones


West Corfu & Paleokastritsa - View from LakonesThe tiny but beautiful village of Lakones is located the slope of a green hill above Paleokastritsa (about 4 km distance from Paleokastritsa). From Lakones, perched high above Paleokastrita’s coves, all the beautiful scenery of Corfu's west coast in its majesty can be viewed.

The village has a special charme as there are still stone houses from 18 and 19 century to admire. To Lakones leads a narrow and steep road and in the village there is just one-way-traffic possible. Just pass the village center and enjoy the view from one of the caffeterias. Lakones with its surroundings is also known as Bella Vista - one of the top 10 views in Europe.

If you like history and views, don't miss to visit the Angelokastro castle, which has been buildt in the 13th century at the top of the highest peak of the island's shoreline.The Angelokastro is one of the most important fortified complexes of Byzantine Corfu. and forms an "Acropolis" (city on the edge), that surveyed the region all the way to the southern Adreatic Sea. You can get to Angelokastro by leaving Lakones to Krini (Makrades is on the right, following the road and in about 1 km the impressive old castle comes into view. At the bottom of the castle there is a small parking and a restaurant.